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More than ever, many are proudly leaning into their natural beauty! A Brow Lamination Service is the perfect compliment to that. This course is designed for someone who is ready to step out of their comfort zone while learning a Fast+Easy technique to quickly master the skill! The difference between learning Brow Lamination and Lash Extensions is hundreds of hours of practice. Brow Lamination is so much more simple and doesn't require the same strain or concentration, making it a great service to fill your day with!
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  • Animal Cruelty Free Products

    All products from the LIFT System are Cruelty Free! Feel good knowing no furry friends were harmed to create your product line

  • Multiple Camera Angles

    Online Learning should mean MORE visibility than an in person course, because we have the technology! We use 3+ Cameras for multiple angles and views. We also use Picture in Picture

  • Lifetime Access + Support

    Take any of the training courses at your own pace and on your own time. You have lifetime access to any of the online courses you purchase! Support is available whenever needed.


Meet Your Brow Educator Jessi

CEO/Founder/Lash & Brow Educator Jessi Love

Photo shoots, international runway shows, film and television - Jessi had no trouble finding her place in the beauty industry. But it was her entrepreneurial savvy that brought her into the lash industry. Her business acuity saw opportunity in both the artistry and education of lashes. She built Lash Common, a profitable salon from the ground up for the past 13 years, including multiple brick and mortar locations. In addition she also created Lash Line, a first-class product line and lash training academy. Her business savvy and hard work is unmatched in the industry - and her passion is helping lash artists avoid some of the mistakes she’s learned along the way. Even with her many successes and accolades, Jessi is actually all about the people and the community she has been building. Her connection to clients and their satisfaction is how she measures her success. The satisfaction she derives from inspiring students is the source of her motivation.


Why Is This Worth Your Time?

Before you purchase an online course and learn a new skill, you want to know the potential you'll have to make money at it. We’ve done the market research for you - The product cost for a Brow Lamination is approx. $10 per 45-60 minute service - an easy & enjoyable way to make up to $100+/hour. Offer this viral beauty service out of the comfort of your own home. It's SO Easy to Learn! Seriously. This course is going to make you see that a monkey could do this. (Although THB we really don’t recommend that)

W E G O T Y O U.

2020/2021 Customer Service Award Winner

Lash Line is the 2020+2021 NALA AWARD WINNER for Customer Service in the Product Distribution Category. This is an international award that is given by the National Association Of Lash Artists. Award Definition: Customer Service Award - This award will go to a product distribution company with exceptional customer service. A company that goes out of their way to ensure their customers are satisfied and feel special.

Course curriculum

    1. Copyright + Terms Of Service - Lash Line Online

    2. Reformulation Disclaimer

    3. We Have Reformulated Our Lift Products!

    1. Welcome + About Our Brand

    2. A Message From The Owners

    3. A Message From Jessi Love

    4. Meet Your Educator - Jessi Love

    5. What's In It For You?

    6. Brow Lamination Manual Cover

    7. Brow Lamination Table Of Contents

    1. What Is Brow Lamination?

    1. Product Knowledge - Brow Lamination

    2. Test Your Learning - Quiz 1!

    3. Test Your Learning - Quiz 2!

    1. Ideal + Non Suitable Clients For Brow Lamination

    2. Brow Lamination Ideal + Non Suitable Candidates

    1. Health And Safety Guidelines - Brow Lamination

About this course

  • $229.00
  • 64 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content


Feel Confident Every Step Of The Way

You won't need to worry about feeling flustered or forgetting the steps, because we provide a step by step “Cheat Sheet” for you to always keep at your station! We tell you the recommended processing times for different hair types, step by step directions, and tips from the experts to help you succeed!
  • Services "Above The Mask" Are Up 200%

    Cosmetic industry trends imply that Eye Makeup will replace lipstick! While there have been changes to the beauty industry due to the pandemic, the eye makeup market has noticed a 204% growth in sales!

  • Great Income! $$$$

    You wont need a University Degree to start marking a great income! Most people dream of the days when we can make $80+ per hour.... Stop Dreaming and Start DOING. The Average Lash Lift service is $75-$100 and takes 1 hour!

  • Easy To Learn

    With our thorough training, you will be able to confidently perform the Brow Lamination service, and move onto making that money! With our step by step guides, multiple video angles and lifetime support - we know we've set you up for success!

What You Can Expect

  • Certificate Upon Completion

  • Expert Educators

  • Lifetime Access To The Training Videos. You Pay For Them, They're Yours!

  • 5 Star Cruelty Free Product Line

  • Downloadable PDF Manual

  • Downloadable PDF Waiver + Aftercare + Procedure Outline

  • Award Winning Customer Service

  • 4K Quality Videos Edited with Multiple Angles For Superior Visibility