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47 lessons of marketing knowledge!

    1. About The Owners Of Lash Line

    1. Before We Begin...

    1. This Course Is For You If...

    1. Who The Heck Is Cara?!

    1. Introduction + 9 Reasons To Choose Email

    2. Why Choose Email Marketing Out Of All Ways To Market

    3. The Stats Are Astounding!

    1. Finding Your Forever Clients (webinar)

    2. Bonus* "I Gotta Tell Ya" - Email Template

About this course

  • $147.00
  • 48 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

You already have the online booking

This is where you learn how to maximize that list and generate money from those emails. Get ready to unlock your marketing potential.

What's In It For You?

Get Ready, There's A Lot.

  • 12 Professional Pre-written Email Scripts

  • 20 Catchy Subject Lines That Convert To Sales

  • 3 Welcome Emails - 1 Full Pre-written Automated Flow

  • How To Build Your Email List + Entice Clients To Subscribe

  • Integrating Your Online Booking + Email Marketing

  • Where To Place Email Captures

  • How To Build A Landing Page

  • Types Of Email Campaigns

  • Win-back Emails + Targeting Previous Clients

  • Marketing Tips

Meet Your Instructor

COO/Lash Educator Cara Kapler

Cara Kapler is an Award-Winning Master Lash Artist since 2016, and Co-Owner of Lash Line, as well as a Published Makeup Artist. Starting her lash career in 2016 as a home-based Lash Artist, Cara has since been internationally nominated for Lash Artist of the Year, Technique, Customization & Design from the National Association of Lash Artists. She also placed Silver at the Royal Canadian Lash Championship in 2019 in the 5-10D Mega Volume category.  Over the years, Cara has learned to not only harness her skills for Lashing but also the business. Learn how Cara went from a Home-Based Lash Artist to an Award Winning Artist and Brand Owner in a matter of 2 years! Cara has always believed that being an Independent Lash Artist is 25% Lashing and 75% Business. She has excelled in both areas and will share all of her knowledge to help you grow your business to the level fighting for.

10X Your Impact. Not Your To-Do List

As business owner your main focus is to generate revenue. We're here to help.

In this course, Cara Kapler - Co-CEO of Lash Line and Simply Jellin and a solo lash artist with her own home based studio will show you how to make your business more profitable using email marketing. When you integrate email marketing into your business model, you will immediately notice an increase in your bookings, appointments and sales.

It's Easier Than You Think

Your bank account will thank you 😉

Make A Major Impact In Your Business

Email marketing allows you to build a career long email list that will follow you wherever you go in life. This is a tangible and measurable “money in the bank” way to grow your business.

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